Go and do likewise

Abraham and Isaac descended the hill, which biblically implies the implementation of Godly purpose.

When Moses was in the mountain, God gave Him patterns and instructions, saying, “be careful to implement all the patterns shown you on this mount”. When he descended to the desert floor and rejoined the people, it was with the authority to begin the work that God commissioned him to do.

When Jesus was in the Judean hills, facing His wilderness trial, he received insights and principles from God. Immediately after He came down from the hill, God commissioned Him, as confirmed in the gospels. He read from Isaiah 61, “For the Spirit of the LORD is on me, because he has anointed me (commissioning) to preach good news, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom to captives, to restore sight to the blind, to release those in bondage and to declare the year of God’s favor.” When He finished reading, He simply declared, “Today is this scripture fulfilled in your sight”. That signaled the start of His ministry and the patterns that would characterize His ministry.

So when Abraham and Isaac came off Mount Moriah, they too had crossed a line. Going up they were still searching for meaning and purpose, but at the top they crossed a watershed to return with a whole new perspective and vision. No more would they be pursuing God, rather they would be implementing God’s mandate for their lives. No more would they be coming to a place of significance, but they would be going out to start building on the significance of the mount.

God intends all our heartaches are meant to come to a climactic moment that will change us forever: transforming uncertainty into purpose, and dreams into vision. That is what we must hold out for and trust God to do in our lives, so that we may achieve closure on our formative years, step over the threshold and initiate a new role in the purpose and destiny of God’s kingdom. We will not enjoy fulfillment until then, for God has set within each of us the restlessness we need to keep on going till we find what we are looking for (Romans 8:20).

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