My promise is made sure

Three visitors appeared outside of Abraham's tent one day, but references to the meeting, in Genesis 18, are all in the singular. The account starts with "The Lord appeared to Abraham at the oaks of Mamre", but then Abraham addresses them as one man. God is three, yet one; three personas, one person; three facets, one diamond. It is significant that three witnesses are seen, for it is in the confirmation of three witnesses that God's intent is confirmed.

Whereas the promise of a son had been somewhat general up to then, God now witnessed and confirmed the promise of Isaac. The general references were replaced with specific references about: when (this time next year); what (you will have a son) and how much (one son).

This was the turning point in Abraham's long journey with God. Sarah sniggered at what she heard and God rebuked her for that, for His intent was now clearly defined. The matter was decided. Such is God's authority, that His Word is deliverance enough: for once He speaks His heart nothing can reverse the outworking thereof: whether it is a negative or positive word, a judgement or a blessing.

Esau repented with tears but could never reclaim his birthright and King Saul repented with tears but never regained his kingdom. A word spoken by God is enough - His authority is supreme and His will for our lives will come to pass on the strength of His Word alone. If His word spoken in judgement over His enemies is sure, how much surer will the promise over those He loves stand sure.

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