About this series

This series is a commentary on the life of Abraham, and of his family. He was a great man, yet he faced profound realities and contradictions, which all bring our own realities into stark perspective. His story is not a "happily ever after", "happy ending" fairy tale - it is a very real story of a very real man, who, unlike us, could not turn to his church, community or other social reference points. God spoke to him every now and then, but otherwise his thoughts were as haunted as the hills of Canaan and the only whispered voice was the sighing of the winds across the dunes or through the sparse grass. Yet, through his journey he came to a deep understanding of God, an understanding that set his life at the headwaters of the world's primary religions and at the crossroads of all history. The simple aramean, became one of the greatest of all lives, because he persisted with God until he broke through to a great place.

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