Abram followed a promise

Abram and Lot shepherded their flocks, herds and people across the vast, open plains of Mesopotamia, towards the distant lands of Canaan. They cut deep paths in the dry, dusty earth, in search of pasture and wells for their livestock. When they found good pasture they would camp for days and weeks at times, moving forward at an unhurried pace, but always following the leading of God, towards the land of promise.

At night they slept under a great canopy of stars that filled the heavens and twinkled in the blackness of the sky. This was the dwelling place of the great God. The sun and moon deities of Ur had been confined to the ziggurat, where chaldeans worshipped tangible but otherwise impotent symbols of contrived gods. Now as the heavens unfurled above him, God began to unveil the mysteries of His heart to Abram. Unlike the gods he had left, this God could not be left behind or confined by time or place. Abram walked with God, the great shephed, a tent in the wilderness, a wellspring of life, the eternal pasture of his soul, a guiding radiance through the long, still nights and a compelling vision by day. Across the burning sands, beyond the distant hills, lay his destiny in God.

The life and times of Abraham (c) P Eleazar,

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