You are His, His is mine

Abraham looked at Isaac and realized how much had changed in that single, fragile defining moment..

“Isaac, you ask what happened here and your question is good. I am not totally sure what happened and I think you, your son and your descendants will have to interpret this. Somewhere in the distant future, a key to this whole event will come. This lamb was a provision for this moment, but it is a shadow of the greater provision that God has reserved for our people.”

“But Abba”, spoke Isaac, “you always taught me that Yah was different to the pagan gods. You told me what they did in your homeland and why you left all of that, but you were about to offer me as a sacrifice to Yah. How can that be? Maybe God was testing to see if you had changed and had come to see Him for what He is?”

“No, Isaac, the same voice that told me to leave the past also told me to offer you back to Him. But that offering took on a whole new meaning when He stayed my hand. You became a living sacrifice, dedicated unto Yah. This was convocation. As men were initiated into my past culture, so God has now integrated us into His Kingdom. Today, on this hill you became His … and His became mine.”

“I don’t understand Abba.”

“You, the man Isaac, were dedicated to God today. But in turn the people of God who will now come from you, today became my people. God sealed His covenant today. All that is mine, you, my only son and all that you represent, became His. But in turn, all that is His, His legacy in the earth, the history of His working amongst men, the inheritance we have in a future redeemer of Israel, all of that, became ours. God will no longer just be Yah, but has now become, “The God of Abraham, and of Isaac.” We are now fully integrated into what He is doing and He will surely be careful to watch over us and bless us in the future. His covenant will never pass from our descendants.”

Abraham stood up and climbed on top of a rocky mound, where he gazed out at the valleys and plains below Moriah. The wind blew through His hair. A full moon lit up the view. After some time, Isaac joined His father on the hill. “All that is ours. God has given it to us as a perpetual covenant. Wherever I placed my foot became my inheritance and yours. Today God sealed that covenant.”

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