Hello Isaac

Shortly after the birth of his firstborn son, Abraham would have dedicated him to God. On the 8th day, according to God's instructions regarding circumcision, Isaac then found out why the first cut is the deepest.

Through the ensuing years, Isaac spent a lot of his formative life with Sarah, where he learnt their language, the basic principles of their culture and concepts of discipline. Abraham, a busy and influential man, old as he was, still managed his fields and his herds, sometimes even meeting with community leaders, kings and business people.

Isaac learnt some things from the servants, perhaps things like hunting, milking and slaughtering. To survive he needed practical skills.

Abraham was not as strong or active as a younger father would have been, yet he still found time to instruct his only son on many things, including the deep values of his heritage and the history of his people. Like all sons, Isaac's sense of his dad was one of wonder. He would long for his dad to return when he had been away and delight to sit in his lap at the end of a hearty meal, or listen in wonder as the old man related stories of legend and the heart of his faith.

Their walks through the hills and across the grassy plains, their nights spent under starry skies or around the fire filled the heir to the Abrahamic dynasty, with an intimate sense of his great father's deep heart for God.

Abraham looked with wonder at the gathering strength of his boy and felt reassured about the future. His love for his son was made more sure by his pricelessness and the long, long wait he had endured for so great a blessing. Isaac was Abraham's favourite son, his only son and the apple of his eye, a torchbearer whose fire would burn through the pages of history and keep his legend alive forever.

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