I feel swell

Sarah, had laughed at the idea that an old woman, who had blindly followed her willful husband into nowhere, should now conceive a son in her barren womb. But God had spoken it and shortly thereafter a feisty woman would have said to her grey-haired soul-mate, "Come here Abie, let's make this baby", to the wry smile of a not unwilling accomplice.

Of course, fulfillment of God's promise did not immediately appear fully formed in her, nor was there a sudden knocking from within, to let her son out. No, a moment of conception had happened at a microscopic level. The next day, week and month, would still provide no evidence.

Her menstrual cycle may have abruptly ended the recurring cycle of hopefulness and disappointment, but she had probably passed menopause: accentuating the miracle of the moment.

Eventually, she would have turned to the old man in her bed and said, "Hey Abie, look ... there is a swelling and its not the mosquitoes. God is fulfilling His Word in me: our promised son rises up in confirmation."

Believers face hard, dry seasons where His Word is nothing more than words spoken about something that may happen one day, hopes that rise, then fall back in dissilusionment. But when His purpose is confirmed, there is no phantom pregnancy: reality will birth in us and we will breakthrough, thus ending the rending of the heart and the bleeding of our wretched souls.

Finally the Word matured and a promise conceived as a tiny spark of life, emerged as the torch that would take Abraham's legacy through the dark uncertainty of the future. The glory of God's purpose, so conceived in one, solitary boy, would emerge as a nation and prepare the way for Messiah.

(c) Peter Eleazar at www.bethelstone.com

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