It's over

Having faced a death out there on the plains, a denial that led to acceptance and burial of his dreams on day two, Abraham was reconciled to a better hope in God. He braced himself for the mountain and led his son up its winding path to the summit.

Isaac inquired about the sacrificial lamb, but Abraham reinferred his unspoken hope when he said, "God has provdied himself a lamb for the offering".

In the midst of great uncertainty, faith propelled him to the top. His anticipation of God's provision was intense, but his thoughts and feelings so mixed.

Unfortunately, when they arrived God was not there or not evidently so. The summit was bleak and desolated. No sign of life occupied the hill and all he heard was the soft sighing of the wind though the grass.

Dread filled his heart as he heaved the load of wood off Isaac's back onto the rock. Then he laid Isaac on the altar and bound him. Only then did Isaac realise what was happening.

Abraham sobbed within, tears welled up and he sighed deeply. His son cried out, but not wishing to prolong his pain Abraham quickly lifted his knife and prepared to sacrifice his son.

"No" shouted Isaac, "No, Dad don't. Don't do this, I am your son."

His arms were at their full height and he braced his frame for the downward plunge, aiming for a quick, clean and painless kill.

"No" shouted another voice, which Abraham initially ignored until the owner of that voice grasped his arm in a vice-like grip, "No" (softer), "No" (a whisper), Abraham No. It's over, your son is spared. See over there is God's provision ...

Abraham fell to the ground and sobbed as his past, his future, his fears and dreams collided inside that frail old heart. "My God" (between deep sobs), "My God" (I can't say anymore).

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